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In the Fall 2007, another group of 2d Digital Design students have completed the Digital Carpet Project.

Here are some of their designs, and their reflections on the project:


This original design by Amara Barthelemy has a traditional, folk art symmetry.

This carpet by Jane Olila has a more contemporary, asymmetrical design.


Digital Carpet Assignment

Students in Art 1013 : 2d Digital Design classes created their own digital carpet designs and animations using Adobe illustrator and photoshop software. Investigation of Turkish and Arabic decorative arts led to the development of motifs for border and field patterns based on symmetries evident in traditional carpet designs.

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carpet by Michelle Miller

Students first developed their designs in black and white in illustrator.
Black and White Design by Amber Parker

carpet border design by Chris Hagen


After the introduction of color theory, each rendered a final carpet design using a color harmony of their own choice using photoshop.

full color carpet design by Chris Hagen


Final carpets were printed in sections and tiled to large format. Students also tested simple animation techniques possible using photoshop and imageready software. These were combined with electronica/ world music in imovie to generate a danceable light show.
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Mounting Tiled Project

Class Critiques