Dijital Pasaj comments

Hi Joellyn, this is Matt Mulliner. I just took a look at some of the
comic book work you had linked onto your blog from the Turkey students.
There is a ton of work! WOW!

I noticed a few of them were similar to some of the stuff in our class.
One I saw that had the word/name (I’m not sure which) Can Aygun on
it, was very similar to some of the work that Ben from our class was
doing. It reminded me of the Fitger’s brewhouse video.

Ben Luoma’s Brewhouse image

Also the one with the shopping at the Duluth Pack store from my class is similar to
the one that looks like a girl shopping at a record store? It is cool
to see similarities in illustration style across the world… some may
be from photoshop effects but still very cool! It might be
interesting to organize the two sets (ours and theirs) together somehow
to suggest some similarities.

Dijital Pasaj Website…

More comments by UMD students…

My favorite is the out of focus one, it is so mysterious and I really
wish I could read it, but I might get more out of it because I can’t…

I think if you did want a video made of some of their work it might be
fun to put some of these in there too as moving stills keyframed around
with final cut.

One last comment, the one that is actually on the blog – the second
one, is very interesting to me. It is also pretty mysterious and it is
kind of strange to see those really graphic circles come into the
design because I see a lot of that style in American, new corporate
design. Very cool to see that style being incorporated in a more
graphic and interesting way. It pushes the average corporate design a
bit farther into something a little more deep.

Thanks for telling me about these.

P.S. One of the downloads didn’t work. Maybe it was just my computer,
just thought I would let you know.


Dijital Pasaj > Başkent

How exciting to receive PDFs of art work by Murat’s students in Ankara Turkey for their own version of Dijital Pasaj. They have created comic books and movies that tell stories about their daily lives in Ankara. I will post a few jpgs here to give you an idea of their work. Students at UMD will be inspired by the concept and craft of these digital narratives!


A few examples of work by students of Murat Devrim Alilgan at Başkent University >>



a common theme in the work of both Turkish and American students is sleep…


PDFs of comic books / resize in your PDF window and zoom in to view>>>

Download file

Download file

Download file

More images in extended entry…